Weekend Herb Blogging #69



  • Nach dem winterlichen Unglück kann Kalyn uns wieder als Gastgeberin begrüßen. Und wir kommen gerne auf ihre Party. Und antürlich nur mit den besten Rezepten.
  • After the winter disaster of frozen water with Kalyn she is proud to be the host of the weekly party. And we proudly engegage with the most delicious dishes.
  • The German entry for this week round up is a kind of sushi, but somewhat different.
  • Instead of algous I used gourgettes. Instead of rice I used milet. Instead of any carpaccio of fish I used surimi. So and instead of a beloved and most wanted dill I had to use purslane. But it works anyway!!

  • For four persons you take:
    2 gourgettes small size
    a handfull of milet cooked in a liter af beetroot broth, the broth was a composition of vegetables -> hence the colour
    200 g surimi
    a handfull of pruslane
    Well I roasted the gourgettes thinly sliced in rape oil -> gives a golden colour.
    I cooked the milet in beetroot broth for about 15 minutes ( it was an instant bulgur)
    I layed the gourgettes in layers covered with bulgur and topped surimi.
    Then I rolled all of them and sliced.
    The bulgur was not smashing enough to cling to all so I had to make the best of it. But the taste was gracious. Perhaps you can improve. Let me know.


Kalyn hat gesagt…

A very interesting combination. I have plenty of purslane growing wild as a weed here!

astrid hat gesagt…

I never tasted purslane... but it sounds quite interessting. I'd have to find ot where to get it around here :) - Thanks!

Ich hab noch nie mit Portulak gekocht. Musste ich doch glatt mal bei wikipedia nachschauen was das genau ist. Hört sich auf jeden Fall interessant an, vor allem die beschriebene Wirkung macht mich neugierig.
...wieder eine gute Ausrede gefunden ein neues Kräutlein einzukaufen *smile*

Gattina hat gesagt…

I love your new style of sushi rolls! And that beetroot/ milet has such a beautiful color... surely they taste great too!

Helene hat gesagt…

well if you ar so lucky try it!!
Portulak finden wir immer öfter auf dme Markt. Siche findest Du im Bio Angebot welchen. Schmeckt köstlich!!
well your recipes are heaven for me. So I´m impressed if you like mine. :)

Toni hat gesagt…

Wow! I would never have dreamed this one up in a million years - it looks terrific!!! I love the colors, the freedom you've taken with the basic idea of "sushi", as well as the idea of cooking grains in beetroot water! Gorgeous!! When I lived in New Mexico, we had purslane growing wild, too. (Like Kalyn).

And thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you try the baba ganouj - it's very easy and soooo much better than the pre-made stuff!

Glenna hat gesagt…

Very cool! I'm so jealous you can get purslane!

neil hat gesagt…

I love the though process behind them, pity they didn't hold together too well, they look tasty enough.

Susan hat gesagt…

I just love all of the ingredients in this dish, especially purslane. It sounds wonderful and looks lovely.

Helene hat gesagt…

@ Toni
thanks for the compliments. I´ll try baba ganouj next weekend and let you know.
@ Glenna
well purslane is fashion for some summers, maybe it will be with you too. :))
@ Neill,
well I try to improve next time and show the results in my blog.
@ Susan,
I´m happy that you enjoyed my dish. Hope you try it sometime. :))

Katie hat gesagt…

They look beautiful - and what a wonderful idea. Next summer when my garden is full of courgette I'll do this. Now my freezer is still full from last summer so I refuse to buy them...