Tarragon Bread

Andrew of spitoon Extra host the April edition of Waiter there´s something in my... . He invites all food bloggers to bake bread.
Here I am with an inviting tarragon bread.
350 g spelt flour
1 portion of dry yeast
0,25 l buttermilk
leaves of 3 stems of tarragon thinly sliced makes about 1/4 tea cup
Mix flour and yeast and pour buttermilk just a bit heated in. Kneat thouroughly. Then let rest in a warm place for 20 minutes. Kneat again and include tarragon. This takes its time. Form a loaf to be put in a bread baking form and let it rest again for half an hour. Preheat oven at 250°C/220°convection/gas oven. Bake the bread for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 150°/130°C and bake again for 55 minutes.
Enjoy it!
The benefits of tarragon can be read here at the end of the post.


Katie hat gesagt…

I love tarragon!
The thought of that bread, still warm, with fresh butter....
Or with a bit of smoked salmon....

ostwestwind hat gesagt…

Woher hast du denn bloß den ganzen Estragon her? Ich muss erst wieder welchen kaufen und hochpäppeln

Andrew hat gesagt…

How interesting is that! Thanks for such a great entry.

Helene hat gesagt…

@ katie,
you are right that would be yummy!
@ Ulrike,
einmal gepflanzt, wuchert er bei mir seit Jahren! Eine Kräuterschnecke ist die beste Umgebung, nebenan Sauerampfer und Oregano.
@ Andrew,
thanks for this extraordinary compliment!!

Glenna hat gesagt…

Really lovely! I can almost smell and taste it from the pics.

Creativecook hat gesagt…

Sounds delicious, must try it. Nothing like the smell of fresh warm bread.

Pille hat gesagt…

I imagine that tarragon bread tastes really good, even if I've only used tarragon to season salads and chicken dishes until now. Got to change that!!

Helene hat gesagt…

@ glenna and creative cook,
well it´s delicious, soft and yummy!!
@ Pille,
do try, and see all other things you can do to use this healthy herb!!

Ms Adventures in Italy hat gesagt…

I used sage in my bread, but I bet tarragon would have been great, too! Thanks for the recipe.